Frequently Asked Questions

Does WCFMIA write outside of Washington County?

Yes, we can write anywhere in Ohio. If a customer needs insurance in West Virginia, we have agents that are able to provide them coverage there.

Do you insure anything other than farms?

Yes, that is a misconception about our company. We have several different types of policies so we can provide coverage to all types of property, including property within the cities, rental property and rental insurance, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, boat owners and of course, farms. We now offer Farm Equipment Breakdown coverage and Home Equipment Breakdown coverage.

Do you offer any discounts?

We now give a no loss discount for policies that have no losses in 3 years and a larger discount on policies that have not had a loss in 5 years or more. We also offer home/auto discounts.

Is WCFMIA an agency?

For us, no, we are the company. Our home office is in Marietta, Ohio. We have agents throughout Ohio that write for us. We underwrite and process the policies at the home office. The larger losses are adjusted through an independent adjusting firm and the smaller losses are taken care of through the home office.

Are you monitored by the department of insurance?

Yes, we are monitored and follow the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Insurance, just as any other Mutual Insurance Company is required to do.

Is there a charge to add Identity Theft Resolution Service to my policy?

No we offer this service FREE with all of our policies. (Powered by Identity Theft 911 ®)